WaterBuck Pump: A hand pump for deep wells so easy even Grandma can do it.

For the first time Highwater Filters is forming an affiliation with another company that we feel has a product that some of our customers could really benefit from. If you need a backup system for your deep water well, or if you are living off the grid, this product will amaze you. Made in the U.S.A. (in the "Show Me State") by Well Waterboy Products LLC, the WaterBuck Pump is designed for deep water wells that traditionally are difficult to pump without electricity. It's an efficient manually operated water pumping machine with enormous mechanical advantage — well beyond the ability of common hand pumps, but in the range of large-diameter windmills. Using a simple combination of human shape, motion, weight and strength, volumes of water can be pumped from deep water wells. Depths far beyond what could even be considered are now possible with the WaterBuck Pump. They've got different models to choose from based on your needs. They even have a model for community groups and for irrigating crops!

 Visit their website to learn more about this innovative product.



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