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Brand New! Bone Char and GAC systems for fluoride and heavy metal reduction.

Bulk GAC and Bone Char Activated Charcoal!

, Sawyer, PurestOne, Rainshow'r, Lifestraw, Vortex Water Distillers on Sale!

New! Katadyn Pocket with Carbon Cartridge. On Sale $262!

New! Collapsible Buckets for hauling water:

Only $13.95!
by Seattle Sports

New! Modified Collapsible bucket for cooling Vortex coil!

Water Purifiers & Filters for Home & Outdoors HOME USE
Katadyn-Water-Filters Home-Water-Filter-Systems
Water Filtration Systems - Great for Camping TRAVELING
Sawyer Water Filters and Purifiers Camping Water Filters and Purifiers Travel - Portable Water Filtration and Purifiers
TRAP Radiation Filter | LifeStraw
Vortex Non-Electric Water Distiller
TRAP-Radiation-Filters LifeStraw-Personal-Water-Filter Vortex-Non-Electric-Water-Distiller-Kit Emergency Water Treatment Systems, Filters, Purifiers

High Quality Water Purification Systems

Welcome to Highwater Filters, where we’ve been making clean water available at discount prices since 2010. All of our water purification systems work without electricity, making them ideal for travel, outdoor activities or off-grid living.

Personal water bottles and filters are a great way to protect against water-borne illnesses on trips or during outdoor activities. Katadyn and Sawyer water filtration systems are ideal for hiking or camping — or anywhere you encounter contaminated water. We carry a wide selection of filters for disaster preparedness to meet your specific needs.

For home use, we have point-of-use models that mount under the counter or stay on top for easy maintenance. Filters are available for a range of specific contaminants, including sediment, fluoride, arsenic and radioactive particles. Our shower filters remove chlorine for healthier skin and hair.

At Highwater, we are so dedicated to clean water, we’ve even developed the Vortex, our own non-electric water distillation system. The Vortex is available as a DIY kit or preinstalled in a bucket. (Pressure cooker sold separately.)

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SP122 Sawyer Point One Inline Water Filter w/Quick Connect Katadyn Mini - Black
Our Price: $59.99
Sale Price: $46.99
Save $13.00!
Our Price: $109.95
Sale Price: $71.99
Save $37.96!
Katadyn Mini - Black
This ultra lightweight inline filter is equipped with a Quick Connect fitting.

The Katadyn Mini is one of the lightest and most compact filter on the market.

12 Qt Vortex Magefesa modified pressure cooker CQ-1000-MS Dechlorinating Shower Filter
Our Price: $260.00
Sale Price: $189.00
Save $71.00!
Our Price: $53.25
Sale Price: $37.00
Save $16.25!
12 qt Magefesa pressure cooker w/ Vortex adaptor. CQ-1000-MS
12 qt Magefesa pressure cooker with Vortex adaptor.

Made in Spain. Modified in the USA by Highwater Filters.

Internationally Recognized  Shower Pro Massage head with spray, massage and pause position in white and chrome.
Katadyn Vario Water Filter Condor C-200 Carbon Block Water Filter by Rainshow'r
Our Price: $94.95
Sale Price: $63.99
Save $30.96!
Our Price: $181.00 New!
Sale Price: $141.99
Save $39.01!
Katadyn Vario Condor C-200 carbon drinking water filter by Rainshow'r
The Vario combines individual efficiency with the simplest possible handling. The Condor C -200 uses a .5 micron carbon block filter. They are great for chlorine and sediment reduction. In addition they will reduce a number of organic contaminants.

New Products and Items on Sale - Take Advantage of our Featured Specials!

ITEMS ON SALE at Highwater Filters!

  • SP124 Sawyer Mini Water Filter MultiColor 4 packSawyer Mini MultiColor Gift Pack of 4 ~ Only $66.99! Limited time only.
  • Sawyer Mini SP128 just $19.99!!!

Our 40/40 Special:
Purchase any Sawyer water filter or purifier for $40 or more and get 40% Off (with coupon code)
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Other specials and sales

NEW PRODUCTS AT Highwater Filters!

We specialize in non-electric, portable water treatment, and most products are made in the USA. If you are looking for innovative products that are light on the environment, your backpack and your wallet you've come to the right place. We are committed to customer service, satisfaction guaranteed. We offer super-fast, low-cost shipping and accept checks, money orders, major credit cards, PayPal. Payment options available at checkout. Thank you for supporting local and small businesses. View our Featured Products below or view by category to find what you need. You can also check the side bar and below featured items for New Products, Featured Sales, Specials! View our Featured Products above or view by category to find what you need. You can also check the side bar and below featured items for New Products, Featured Sales and Specials!


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Katadyn Pocket MicroFilter

Katadyn Pocket
Katadyn Pocket. Only $254!

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Crystal Satellite Shower Filter with brass sh
Sale Price: $89.00
Premium Ceramic Water Filter System for Well Water
Sale Price: $94.99
Crystal Satellite Shower Filter with massage head
Sale Price: $89.00
Outfitter Class Camp Bucket by Seattle Sports
Our Price: $13.95
BT-100 replacement water filter by Rainshow'r
Sale Price: $38.00

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