Chloramine in Your Drinking Water. Are There Water Filters For That?

Chloramine in Your Drinking Water. Are There Water Filters For That?

Is your water treated with chloramine? You might be surprised to find that it is. According to the EPA, one in five Americans has chloramine in their drinking water.

 There’s a lot of information out there on chloramine but I’ll try to 'distill' it down to some basic information. (Bad pun intended.)

Chloramine is formed when ammonia is added to chlorine to prolong the effectiveness of water treatment as it passes through pipes to individual households. It’s been used since the 30’s and has grown in popularity in recent decades as municipalities look for ways to “meet disinfectant byproduct regulations.”

Many cities located in hot climates use chloramine because heat can render chlorine less effective by the time it reaches homes. The ammonia that is added keeps the water free from bacteria and other microbial contaminants. That may be reassuring to some, but to others it is of great concern. Regardless of the concern for personal health, it just smells and tastes funny.

For those who would rather not taste, smell or ingest these disinfectants in their drinking water, there are specifically designed water filter systems to treat chloramine.

Los Angeles is one city that uses chloramine widely for secondary treatment. You can call your water utility office or check the water report that utilities are required to send out on a regular basis. You should be able to find out if your water is treated with chloramine. If you have trouble, feel free to call us at 509-685-0933. We can help you find out.

At Highwater Filters, we carry several different water filter systems that treat chloramine, including filters for counter tops, under counter, refrigerators and even the shower. CuZn Water Filtration Systems is a US manufacturer who are leaders in the treatment of chloramine. We are proud to carry a wide selection of high quality CuZn products. They carry great guarantees and are priced reasonably.

If you want to learn much more about chloramines in drinking water, the EPA website is a good start. Go here to read more.

Go here to see all of our water filter products for chloramine treated water.


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