Setsuden: Japanese innovation helps country to conserve energy.

Leave it to the Japanese. When adversity rears its ugly claws, they dig in their heels. A big campaign to save energy is underway and as the summer approaches there are innovative new products on the market to help beat the heat. As air conditioning is turned off, escalators and elevators stationary, and lights dimmed, the people are meeting the challenge head on. The term setsuden is Japanese for "energy conservation". After the tragic events following the earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan, it is logical that with diminished electrical generation and costly alternatives, conservation is the best way to solve the problem. I was just saying the other day that the answer to the world's energy crisis might lie with Japan. All we need to do is to follow in their footsteps. Conservation is the single most effective and efficient way to combat our increasing energy dilemma. I've been preaching this for years. If we in the U.S. could cut our consumption in half, we'd still be about equal to what the Japanese per capita consumption rate was before the disaster. We have plenty of room for improvement. The world can greatly benefit by following Japan's lead and creating a world-wide campaign of setsuden. Read more here: Japanese Times photo credit here: Design you trust. Thanks for reading!


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