Katadyn Pocket in Stock - 3 Day Super Sale Starts Now!

Update November 15, 2013: Katadyn Thanksgiving Sale going on now until November 29, 2013. All Katadyn water filters on sale. Katadyn Pockets for $265! While supplies last. Attention! August 15: Get $70 of the Katadyn Pocket for a limited time. Use discount code PKTSVR at check out to receive this discount. Free shipping! Go here to take advantage of this great savings. Attention! $50 Off Katadyn Pocket starting July 19, 2011 for one week only! You must use this discount code in order to qualify: PKTSVR. In addition, I am also offering free shipping on this item. Hurry, Sale ends July 26th! We are also offering $100 Off for Katadyn Expeditions, plus free shipping. Discount code: EXPSVR. Sale ends July 26th! Katadyn Pocket On Sale Available Now Finally, after waiting for what seems like ages, I have received the shipment of Katadyn Pocket Microfilters I've been waiting for. I literally had to race to meet up with a UPS truck. And as promised, I am announcing right now a three day Super Sale at 20% off (or while supplies last). This sale ends Sunday, June 19, 2011 at midnight so don't put off getting a Pocket for the unbelievable price of $255.95. It is unlikely you will find a brand new Katadyn Pocket micro water filter available for less than this anywhere on the web. The Katadyn Pocket has been steadily increasing in price. Distributors like Highwater Filters are obligated to sell all Katadyn products at the manufacturers set retail price, unless we want to risk the chance that the North American headquarters will refuse to sell to us. The only morsel of consolation is that we are permitted to have occasional sales on their products. So here is one of the best sales I have ever offered! Feel free to contact me for more information, but please check out the Highwater Store first to find out details. Sorry, as a US vendor, I am NOT permitted to sell outside of the US, unless it's to an APO. Thanks for your understanding.


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