Phthalates and Prenatal Exposure: A Good Reason to Avoid Bottled Water

Phthalates. Don't ask me to pronounce it but do be aware that this chemical, used to soften plastic and used extensively in the bottled water industry and for many toys, food containers, and medical tubing, has been shown to affect baby boys who were exposed pre-natally to phthalates.  A new study by a team of South Korean scientists shows that prenatal exposure to phthalates adversely affects the mental and psychomotor development of six-month old boys. That girls do not seem to be affected suggests that phthalates may somehow block or otherwise thwart male hormones. This is very disconcerting and every couple or woman who plans to start a family should be very aware of this danger.

The good news is that phthalates do not accumulate in the body. Simple avoidance of soft plastic items, including water bottles, is the best defense.

Filtering water is a cost effective and safe way to protect you and your family from harmful contaminants that may exist in your water. Although municipal tap water is tested and treated for a variety of contaminants, there are some very  concerning toxins, like hexavalent chromium, that have not been prioritized by the EPA and have yet to be listed as contaminants of concern. Don't trust your tap water to protect you from all contaminants. Well water is also subject to contamination and should be tested to ensure that you are not putting yourselves at risk.

The best way to test your water is to have a certified lab analyze it. It may be costly, but it is important that you know exactly what is in your water. Once you get the results, you can assess which water filter is best for you.

At Highwater Filters we have a variety of water filters and purifiers for many different needs. We are always adding new products to our inventory with emphasis on non-electric, US-made water treatment. Coming soon: arsenic and fluoride filter cartridges for home water filters.

If you know any women who are pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant, do share this information and advise them to avoid soft plastic products that may contain phthalates. I can't think of a better wedding gift for couples planning to start a family than a water filter. Check out our great selection and give our future generation a fighting chance.

Read more in the Environmental Health News.

For more information on the study see  Environmental Health Perspectives.

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