Highwater Filters supports "The Solar Champion" film project

[caption id="attachment_1343" align="alignleft" width="219" caption="Highwater Filters is a Solar Champion!"][/caption] Highwater Filters is proud to be a co-producer of the film project "The Solar Champion" by filmmaker Gerry Balasta. I happened across this project when Gerry posted a CNN ireport about it (See video link below). I was hooked by the inspiring message in the film. I communicated with Gerry and learned about his projects in the Philippines to help the scavengers of the huge landfills there. Thousands of people eek out their existence by collecting garbage from the landfills. It's a dangerous and unhealthy existence. Gerry has been helping some of the people living at one of the landfills by featuring them in his films. He gave them acting lessons and directed them in the films. He set up a foundation to help the people living under very primitive conditions to get educated and to get their basic needs filled. He has partnered different organizations and businesses to help these people on the fringe of society. Gerry documents the plight of these people so well in his award-winning film "The Mountain Thief." I was so impressed with his efforts and by this moving film that I am supporting the production of "The Solar Champion." I believe in this movie and hope you will see why I did and be inspired too. Good luck, Gerry! Here's the link to the video trailer and the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the film: The Solar Champion Here the link to the trailer for The Mountain Thief trailer. Check out the Highwater Filters web store for the best prices on portable and home non-electric water filters. Thanks for stopping by!          


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