Helping Victims. It's What We Do.

When tragedy strikes people come together. It's human nature. It's what we do. The recent "super storm" that has hit back east is no different. It has tested the boundaries of human endurance through so much loss. It's almost unimaginable. So many have lost everything they own. Many have lost loved ones. So many still are just hanging on by a thread. And so many have risen to the challenge to make sure that all those who are in need will get help and will be given encouragement that they can get through this terrible tragic event. We must all band together during these very difficult times. It's been difficult for me to put all my reactions into words in the aftermath of the recent storm. I was born in Queens. I spent many summer vacations at the Jersey Shore while growing up. My great grandmother ran a boarding house in Atlantic City. My roots run deep in some of the worst hit areas. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered loss. We at Highwater Filters are committed to helping in times of crisis. With that in mind, we pledge 5% of all sales for the next two weeks will be donated to disaster relief to those in the most need. We want to donate cash if that is needed most. We can also donate water treatment to organizations who need them. Please contact us at if you have a need. We want to cut through the red tape, too. Let us know if we can help your organization. Just go to our website and order anything in the next two weeks and 5% of your purchase price will be donated to direct aid to storm victims. If you have a charity you want to direct proceeds to, let us know. We like to refer to Charity Navigator before giving. Check them out here. Thanks for caring.  


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