EPA to Investigate How Fracking Impacts Drinking Water

It's about time the EPA looks into how natural gas fracking is affecting the drinking water of people living near the over 10,000 natural gas drilling sites in the U.S. The EPA announced last week that they will study the impact of using massive quantities of water on the local environment, contaminant spills at drilling sites, and contamination of drinking water from the fracking process. Initial results will be available in 2012, but the study will not be complete until 2014. In the meantime, shouldn't fracking be put on hold? I think so. Read more here. If you are worried about your drinking water being contaminated, you should get your tap water tested at a lab. The money you spend will be worth it so you know if your water is safe. You can contact your local municipality to get the results of their most recent tests, but understand that they don't test for all contaminants.   If your water is contaminated, there are water treatments that can make your water safe. Check out Highwater Filters for our new lower prices on home filter housings and a variety of home water treatments for your particular needs.


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