Should Lithium be Added to Drinking Water to Prevent Suicide?

  This idea seems crazy to me, but studies have shown that drinking water with trace amounts of lithium has been linked to lower rates of suicide. A recent study conducted at the University of Vienna in Austria, compared suicide rates and amounts of naturally-occurring lithium concentrates. Other studies in Texas and Japan support the link of higher concentrates of lithium to lower suicide rates. This latest study has led some researchers to suggest adding trace amounts of lithium to drinking water supplies, much like many municipalities add fluoride. This is not a new idea and in the past it was met with too much resistance. I have to say that I would not support any initiative to add lithium to drinking water supplies. But it's worth further consideration for some people to decide whether they would benefit from adding lithium to their water. Maybe there could be a filter that could accommodate folks who want to opt for lithium water. To read more see Mail Online.


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