Introductory Sale! 20% Off All Sawyer Products at Highwater Filters

Sale extended until Friday, July 29! I am so excited to introduce Sawyer water filters and purifiers to Highwater Filter's growing inventory. Sawyer water filters and purifiers have a great reputation. I am always keeping my eyes open for new products and I visit forums where backpackers and survivalists meet and share information. I am impressed with what those "in the know" say about Sawyer products. Not only are they quality products made in the USA, but they are affordable. These are two of my main  criteria when looking for new products. My excitement runneth over so much that I am reducing all Sawyer products by 20% for one week only. Check out our large selection of quality Sawyer filters and purifiers. See why backpackers and survivalists are more likely than not to recommend Sawyer products to those wanting a good and affordable way to make water drinkable. Check out the great bargains on Sawyer products at the Highwater Filters store. Sale ends Tuesday, July 26th! Thanks for stopping by. :)   Up! $50 Off Katadyn Pocket starting July 19, 2011 for one week only! You must use this discount code in order to qualify: PKTSVR. In addition, I am also offering free shipping on this item. Hurry, Sale ends July 26th! We are also offering $100 Off for Katadyn Expeditions, plus free shipping. Discount code: EXPSVR. Sale ends July 26th!


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