Affordable Paper Filter using Silver Nano-particles Effective Water Treatment

This is huge folks. I just read about a group of researchers at McGill University in Montreal who developed an inexpensive, point of use water filter that is effective against bacteria that cause illnesses like giardiasis and cholera. From Environmental Health News: "A simple and inexpensive filtering system could provide safe drinking water for millions of people who are in short supply of clean water, especially following natural disasters and other emergencies, report McGill University researchers who devised the first-of-its-kind system. People without a reliable source of potable water could use the paper filter, which is impregnated with small particles of pure silver that kill disease-causing bacteria as they pass through it. Very little silver escapes the portable filter, which could provide an efficient source of potable water to alleviate diseases – such as cholera and giardiasis – that are associated with drinking foul water." More to come. I wanted to post this ground-breaking, news-breaking story  as soon as I saw it. You heard it here first!


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