Whole House for Chloramine WHCM7-13 Wide Spectrum Water Filter by CuZn

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We now offer Whole House Systems by CuZn!

Enjoy pure, delicious water throughout your entire home! CuZn’s revolutionary WHCM7-13 is dynamic dual media filtration system designed specifically for chloramine treated municipal water.


Capacity: 75,000 gallons
Tank Dims: 7D” x 13H”
Max PSI: 125
Max Gallons per Minute: 6gpm
PSI Loss: less than 1psi
10 Year Warranty on Housing

90 Day Money Back Guarantee 

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  • Provides pure, delicious water without removing essential minerals
  • Virtually no drop in water pressure
  • Maintenance Free, Requires no electricity
  • Bacteriostatic! Prevents the growth of bacteria, mold & algae
  • All components & media are NSF Certified
  • Filters many types of contaminants from your water source including chloramine & chlorine, lead, heavy metals, trihalomethanes (THM’s), disinfectant by products (DPBs), sulfur, iron, hydrogen sulfide, herbicides, pesticides and many types of pharmaceuticals
  • Earth Friendly! Features include biodegradable or recyclable medias, no waste water, no backwashing, chemical free, salt free & refillable

  • The vast majority of Whole House Systems available today utilize carbon only, a great filter media for common volatile organic contaminants but it does not address the increasingly complex variety of inorganic & organic contaminants that are turning up in water supplies worldwide. 

    CuZn’s Wide Spectrum + Pro Upgrade Models target a wider variety of potential contaminants by utilizing a patented combination of proprietary filtration media. Learn more details about CuZn’s advanced whole house filtration process below.

    The WHCM7-13 process utilizes our proprietary patented Reticulated KDF-85 Minerals (Copper-Zinc) & high purity acid washed catalytic coconut shell carbon & zeolite (clinoptilolite) all of which have been tested to NSF standard 42 and 61.

    CuZn’s powerful Chloramine Wide Spectrum Whole House System  filter will remove and/or reduce Chloramine & Chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, many types of pharmaceuticals, sediment, algae, molds, scale, bad taste, odors, and other undesirable contaminants that may effect the quality of your water supply.

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  • Go here for add on for high hardness and scale.

  • Additional Info
  • The Reticulated KDF-85 Filtration Media Stage is a remarkable REDOX media (oxidation/reduction), representing a new and unique natural process of electrochemical oxidation/reduction and adsorption action. KDF-85 targets the dissolved inorganic contaminants (up to 98% of soluble cation heavy metals including mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium, etc.).

    Powerful KDF-85 redox media produces an ORP Shift of -300mV or more, creating bacteriostatic environment that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold & other microbial contaminants.

    KDF-55 also prevents corrosion and eliminates scale by transforming hardness minerals into crystalline structures that do not adhere to plumbing & appliances (learn more in the What is Salt Free Softening? section below).

    SNRF Ion Exchange Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon is an adsorbent media that target the volatile organic compounds (chlorine, THMs, disinfection by products, herbicides, pesticides, etc). This carbon is supercharged with an internal modification for ion exchange properties for soluble lead adsorption (Ion Exchange Capacity is 130mg/g). The heavy metal reduction capability is redundant given that reticulated KDF-55 is also incorporated in to the system design, guaranteeing 99% removal of soluble lead (even at high flow rates).  Click here to learn: What organic contaminants does Activated Carbon Filter?

    Zeolite Filtration Media – is a fascinating material with both adsorbent & ion exchange properties. The most prominent application for Zeolite is ammonia removal. Zeolite compliments activated carbon’s adsorption of volatile organic compounds, as Zeolite tends to offer greater efficacy with the removal certain organics that activated carbon is less efficient adsorbing. It also has shown promise for the removal of various radionuclides with its unique ion exchange properties.