How Select the Correct Whole House Water Filtration System:

STEP 1: Determining if your water is treated with chlorine or chloramine is the first step. All CuZn Water Filters that are designated “Wide Spectrum” are designed for use with water that has been treated with Chlorine. All products on our website listed as “Chloramine Wide Spectrum” are designed for use with water that has been treated with Chloramine.

Alternatively, if you prefer to research yourself, visit the website of your Municipal Water Provider and review their Annual Water Quality Report (also called Consumer Confidence Report in some cases). If you can’t find the information regarding whether Chlorine or Chloramine is added to the water as a disinfectant or the levels of total hardness, you may wish to call them to confirm. Can't determine if you have chlorine or chloramine? Call us at 509-685-0933. We will try to help.

STEP 2: Determine if your water is considered to have “High Total Hardness” (above 8 grains of Total Hardness or 137ppm of Total Hardness). CuZn’s Wide Spectrum & Chloramine Wide Spectrum Model Whole House Filters are capable of conditioning hardness up to 8 grains. If your water contains “High Hardness” we recommend adding a Salt Free Water Softening for High Hardness tank to your system.

Left unconditioned, high hardness can cause damage by building up scale in the plumbing & appliances throughout your home. Our revolutionary Salt-Free Softening Technology conditions hardness minerals to prevent scale while allowing the beneficial hardness minerals to remain in the water.

STEP 3: CuZn’s Whole House Systems are divided into 3 sizes based of the number of bathrooms in your home. The number of bathrooms is a great indicator for CuZn to determine the potential max gpm (gallons per minute) demand the system should be sized to handle.