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In a ruling that could have far-reaching consequences for communities that add fluoride to their municipal drinking water, a court in California denied the EPA's request for a protection order that would limit the information courts can view when considering evidence of risks to human health and the environment.

A provision in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) allows citizens to petition the EPA, which is authorized under TSCA to ban harmful contaminants that are risks to health and the environment, to essentially perform the job they are commissioned to do. A citizen lawsuit brought by Food & Water Watch Inc.  against the EPA demands that the agency ban the addition of fluoride to drinking water. (Food & Water Watch Inc., et al. v. United States Environmental Protection Agency.)

A Northern District of California judge ruled against the EPA's request to restrict information used by the courts to make decisions to only info that was used in original agency proceedings leading up to decisions on banned contaminants.

This is a victory for opponents of fluoridation.

Communities all over the world are banning water fluoridation. But there are still many, many that add fluoride to municipal drinking water. According to the CDC, 66.3% of US households use fluoridated water (2014 data). Let that sink in.

If you've got fluoridated water, there are several ways to remove fluoride from your drinking water. We recommend bone char as an effective method. We've just added a category on our web store for all our products that treat fluoride. 

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We are always happy to assist in your product decisions. If you are not sure if your water has added fluoride you can contact us to help find out. Or contact your local water dept. 

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Recent data from the California Water Resources Control Board sheds light on the number of people in the state who are faced with dangerous water coming out of their tap. Levels of Uranium in some tap water in the San Diego area, affecting thousands of residents, tests 5 times the safe drinking water limit set by the EPA.

According to the ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry) the greatest risk of ingesting uranium is to the kidneys. Neurobehavioral and fertility changes have also been noted in laboratory tests in rats and mice.

Unsafe levels of fluoride, nitrate and arsenic were also found in San Diego area drinking water, according to NBC7 News in San Diego.

Also disconcerting is that levels of Chromium-6, the chemical Erin Brockovich made infamous, isn't even factored into the data. There is currently no drinking water standard for Chromium-6 in the U.S.

So what can you do if your state discovers dangerous amounts of contaminants in your drinking water?

Filter it!

Stop Buying Bottled Water!

There's a filter for just about any problem with your drinking water. Lugging water bottles or jugs is not the answer! There are a number of different technologies and methods for removing what is making your water bad.

First off, if you are concerned about contaminants that may be in your water that your municipality doesn't test for, I highly recommend that you get your water tested from a certified lab. They are easy to find online and in your locale and labs usually have a menu you can choose from to test for specific contaminants of concern. Why shoot in the dark? Find out what you should really be worried about.

If you have uranium or other radioactive particles in your water, you will want to use a filter specifically designed to remove these dangerous contaminants. We have a filter for that!

We recently introduced the RN-1 Radiation filter made in the USA by Cuz'n Water Filtration Systems. With a specially formulated media mix, the RN-1 removes Strontium, Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium, Iodine and to a lesser degree Iodide. This is what you need if you discover your water has levels of radioactive particles that are above the safe drinking water limit.

At Highwater Filters, we offer a variety of solutions for your drinking water needs. You can contact me personally through our website or call me at 509-685-0933 if you are confused about what filter is right for you. We specialize in low-tech, non-electric, affordable water treatment (Made in the USA) that will give you peace of mind and endless enjoyment. If your water doesn't taste delicious after adding a filter to your tap, something is wrong. Call me!

We want to be your water filter specialist. It's important to get the right filter for your needs. Why not let us help you?

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Few debates are as divided as the arguments over whether  fluoride should be added to our water supplies to prevent tooth decay. Studies show that in the 3/4 of the country that fluoridate their water, tooth decay is lower. But rural areas where fluoridation doesn't occur also have higher poverty rates, which tend to have higher rates of dental neglect. It's easy to spin the data to justify fluoridating the water. But is it really a good idea?

Without proper regulation, adding fluoride to drinking water supplies can cause physical damage to developing teeth. Fluorosis is a disfigurement of the tooth enamel caused by high concentrations of fluoride given to children ages 3 months to 8 years. For some it is a minor cosmetic blemish. For others it is more pronounced. Fluoride in small doses may be effective in preventing tooth decay, but what are the down sides? Aren't there always down sides? 

Part of this debate centers around whether citizens have a right to determine whether their water should be treated. In Portland, OR it seems the city council and the mayor think they know what is best for the people. They don't want to put the decision whether to fluoridate the water to a referendum. They think they know best. They claim they are protecting the poor, who they feel are the ones who suffer from the lack of fluoridation. But couldn't the $5 million dollars they plan to spend, plus almost $600,000 annually for maintenance, be spent of educating everyone on good dental care? How about helping the poor to get dental coverage so they can see a dentist regularly? It just doesn't seem right to impose a mandate to add a known toxin to the water supply.

The only consolation we have is that for those of us who don't want to drink toxins in our water, we can filter most of the bad stuff out. If I had fluoride in my water, I would get a double countertop or undercounter filtering system with a bone char filter and a GAC filter.

Dentists and health advocates may have good intentions, but it's important to put the issue in perspective. Without better research, we really don't know all the possible risks to health that fluoridating our water could pose. Some studies have raised questions about lower IQ's in places where water is fluoridated. This is disconcerting.

I encourage research to make an informed decision about your drinking water.

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