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  I have to say that I'm torn. I heard the news about the study that was released by the International Programme on the State of the Oceans (IPSO) today and I don't really know how to react. No matter how you look at it, the news is gloomy. The situation in our oceans is way worse than scientists had thought. A combination of pollution, increasing global temperatures, over-fishing, acidification, and hypoxia are causing irreversible damage and ultimate mass extinction unless something drastic is done. Scientists warn us that the 3 main conditions that have led to mass extinction of life on Earth in the past are present now: Low oxygen (hypoxia), warming, and acidification. Oysters are essentially already extinct. There are growing dead zones in our oceans. We've played poker with our waterways and the deal done gone down bad. Situation critical. As someone who has been aware of the delicate balancing act we all play on this Earth, and as someone who learned a long time ago about feedback systems and inter-connectivity of all life, it doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. I've been concerned for years. I've been debating for years. I've been warning others for years. Now that the reality of what I feared is breathing down our necks, I'm not sure how to react. I hate to be the bearer of bad new. I don't want to believe this news is true. I want to be in denial. So for now, I will just go on trying to make a difference each and every day and hope that this news is just a bad dream. What else is there really to do? Read more here: State Of The Ocean: 'Shocking' Report Warns Of Mass Extinction From Current Rate Of Marine Distress I blogged about the condition of oysters and the spread of Oyster Herpes a while back. I found the photo I used, but can't find where it originated. I am posting it here because it is such a striking photo. My apologies to the photographer and I will try to find the source. Funny, when I googled "oyster herpes" I couldn't find the photo but half way down the first page of images I saw my kindergarten picture. lol Try it. I'm the little pixie with the uneven bangs. :) I did find out the photo credit goes to Getty Images.
In a devastating blow to the people of Japan, Tepco announced today that the highest readings yet (up to 4,000 millisieverts per hour at reactor No. 1) were recorded inside the Fukushima reactor. This announcement comes on the heals of visible steam escaping from the plant recorded on video. To make matters worse, rains threaten efforts to install new decontamination equipment in the plant. Workers are currently racing to install the new equipment by June 15, but impending heavy rains threaten to cause the radioactive water inside the plant to overflow, potentially causing considerable damage. Tepco has warned that heavy rain could cause the overflow by June 20th, or possibly sooner. Rain is expected tonight and throughout the oncoming week in the Fukushima area. Let's hope it doesn't amount to as much as the forecasters fear. Highwater Filters is still offering free shipping on TRAP radiation filters and housings for people living in Japan. We recognize the immediate need to make your drinking water safe. We make this small gesture for the many people in Japan who are facing very troubling times. Please email us at info@highwaterfilters.com to receive a discount code for free shipping to Japan. I am starting to look into a good organization that could help to provide TRAP filters to people who are without the means to purchase a filtering system. I have pledged 10% of the purchase price of the TRAP radiation bundles of a single housing and 3 TRAP filters to make this happen. See here or here for details. For recent update on situation at Fukushima: Japan Times From the Business Insider. Here's a good video concerning the current situation at Fukushima: Record radiation levels at Fukushima
Are you confused by warranty claims for the Katadyn Pocket Microfilter water filter? Well, you are not alone. If you surf the web for 20 minutes, I guarantee you will see conflicting information out there from various retailers, as well as the manufacturer. About half of them claim there's a 20 year warranty and the other half, Highwater Filters included, tout a lifetime warranty. So whose zooming who? First off, as I pursued the truth, I noticed that some retailers refer to a "guarantee", and others to a "warranty". I was confused about the difference between the two, so I turned to Google. I discovered that a guarantee is a promise to replace a defective item, regardless of who purchased it. This is usually provided by manufacturers. A warranty is usually provided by the reseller and requires a purchase. Proof is often necessary, and warranties most often cover repair of items instead of replacement. I figured the most authoritative source for accurate information would be Katadyn’s website, but as you will see, this isn’t exactly true. On their web page for the Pocket it states that it comes with a 20-year warranty. But when I downloaded the Fact Sheet available as a pdf file, the claim is a 20-year guarantee. And on the front of the packaging that the Pocket comes in, it claims to have a lifetime warranty! Now, I’m more confused than ever. I’m inclined to accept the lifetime warranty claim because it’s stated right on the front of the box, but I wanted to ask a live person, so I called up Katadyn North America in Minnesota. The customer service rep sort of chuckled when I asked her. The gist of her answer is that the Katadyn company will accept returns of Pockets regardless of the age of the filter. She didn’t say that they will replace all returned Pockets, so you'd better contact Katadyn to find out whether they will repair or replace your filter. But rest assured that if your Katadyn Pocket water filter fails you 21 years from now, the warranty will still be good. Of course, that’s assuming the company, or the world, is still around 21 years from now. But that’s a discussion for a SHTF post. Check back for updates!
  Thank you for visiting the blog of Highwater Filters! I am excited to offer a human element to my business. I hope that I can provide a forum where you can get and share information related to clean water. All life depends on water. Protecting the quality of water is essential.  I intend to post information that is useful and timely. I will highlight innovations in water treatment and heros of our water planet. Feel free to provide any tips or suggestions that will help keep the conversation going and our awareness growing. I am looking forward to learning and sharing information that flows, bubbles, flushes, drips, gushes, and pours freely and without contamination. Put your lifejackets on and catch the current! And keep an eye out for special offers and promotions. I'll post some exclusive offers right here for those who visit this blog. Cheers!