GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) for Chloramine Removal - Replacement Filter

GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) for Chloramine Removal - Replacement Filter

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1 10"x2.5" cartridge.

Granular Activated Carbon for Chloramine replacement filter to remove taste and odor from tap water. Can be used in tandem with Bone Char filter (for fluoride and chloramine reduction).

GAC12x40-CAT 12x40 Mesh is a non-chemically impregnated granular activated charcoal made from high-quality coconut shell. It is surface modified for the rapid decomposition of noxious compounds such as sulfides, hydrogen sulfide, chloramines, and other organic species from drinking water.

♦ No chemicals ♦ No bed fires
♦ No disposal problem ♦High-quality coconut shell
♦High capacity for hydrogen sulfide ♦High capacity for chloramines
♦High capacity for organics

US Standard Sieve
Mesh Size: 12x40
Greater than 12: 5% maximum
Less than 40: 4% maximum

Iodine Number (mg/g): 1100 minimum
Carbon Tetrachloride Number: 60% minimum
Hardness Number: 97 minimum
Moisture (as packed): 3% maximum
Apparent Density (g/cc): 0.49 typical
Total Ash: 2% maximum