GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) for Chloramine Removal - Replacement Filter

GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) for Chloramine Removal - Replacement Filter

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1 10"x2.5" cartridge.

Granular Activated Carbon for Chloramine replacement filter to remove taste and odor from tap water. Can be used in tandem with Bone Char filter (for fluoride and chloramine reduction).

Enhanced Activated Carbon Charcoal for Chloramine removal.

GAC made in India.

Additional Info

GAC-2050-S is a non-chemically impregnated granular activated carbon charcoal made from high quality coconut shell. Surface modified during manufacture to significantly enhance the rapid decomposition of noxious compounds such as sulfides, hydrogen sulfide, chloramine, and other organic species from drinking water. In comparison studies GAC-2050-S removed 36% of the chloramine compared to the 12% for the “Competitive Product” and 2.4% for standard coconut based carbon. It has a much higher surface areas than most other competitive brands, excellent attrition resistance, large pore volume, and chemical stability. Replace after 6 months.
No chemicals. No bed fires. No disposal problem. High quality coconut shell. High capacity for hydrogen sulfide. High capacity for chloramines. High capacity for organics.

GAC made in India.

Technical Specs

US Standard Sieve
Mesh Size:


Greater than 20 5% maximum
Less than 50 4% maximum
Iodine Number (mg/g) 1050 minimum
Carbon Tetrachloride Number 55% minimum
Hardness number 97 minimum
Moisture 5% maximum as packed
Apparent Density (g/cc) 0.49 typical
Total Ash 4% maximum
pH 8.5 - 9 typical

All test methods are per ASTM protocol for granular activated charcoal.