Highwater Filters

Double Under Counter Housing with 1 Bone Char and 1 KR-101N Wide Spectrum by CuZn

Double under counter filter housing with 1 Bone Char and 1 CuZn KR-101N Wide Spectrum. Comes with everything needed to install under counter. Plumbing expertise may be necessary.

For removal and reduction of fluoride, chlorine and other contaminants.

Housing made in U.S.A.

BONE CHAR 2060-BC is a natural carbon media produced from aged bones. It’s surface area and base material lends itself to the adsorption of a range of metals including mercury, lead, aluminum, manganese, silver as well as non-metals such as flouride and bromine. Bone char is different from activated carbon in that it contains both carbon surface area and hydroxyapatite lattice surface area. Kosher/ ANSI 61 Certified. Replace after 6 months.

    Wide spectrum filter: 

    • Filters over 600 types of contaminants including heavy metals, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, many pharmaceuticals & more
    • Designed for use with chlorine treated municipal water &/or well water applications
    • Breaks down contaminants in 3 stages, a proprietary reticulated KDF-55 stage, high purity – acid washed coconut shell GAC stage & a 5 micron sediment/particulate stage
    • Replace after 1 year.
    • Made in USA by Cuz'n Water Filtration

    Installation Instructions

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