CuZn Bath Ball Bath for Chloramine Tub Faucet Water Filter

$59.95 USD $54.00 USD SAVE 10%

For removing contaminants from bath water including chlorine, chloramine, lead and more. Straps to faucet.

  • Amazing New Strap Design for Unique Faucets Just Released (March 2016)!
  • The First and Only Universal Bath Tub Water Filter
  • Patented  FilterFoam® PowerDisk™ Non-Carbon Based Filtration Media That’s Non-Toxic and Recyclable.
  • Removes/reduces both free and combined chlorines
  • Softens Water, Reduces Lead & Other Contaminants
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to Install, Hangs from Tub Spout
  • Replaceable Disk Lasts Up to 1 Year, Easily Refillable
  • Lifetime Warranty on housing