Rainshow'r Condor C-200 Carbon Block Water Filter

Rainshower Condor C-200 Carbon Block Water Filter

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For Chlorine and Chloramine treated water!

The Condor C-200 drinking water filter takes the efficient and reliable filter technology found in the Breakthrough and dresses it up. It uses the same 9 inch 0.5 Submicron carbon blocks used in the Breakthrough and then takes it to another level with a glossy black housing wrapped in stainless steel, perfect for the high end kitchen without the high end price. For those who want just a little bit more, the Condor brings that touch of class.

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Technical Specs

- 0.5 sub micron carbon filter block
- Chlorine and Chloramine removal 
- Micro organism blocking ability 
- 1,000 gallon filter life or 1 year

Additional Info

A micron is a unit of measure equivalent to a millionth of a meter. It is used to measure the size of particulate matter and cysts found in water. At the submicron level parasites can be found in your water. These include giardia and cryptosporidium.