Rainshow'r Condor C-100 Carbon Block Water Filter

Rainshower Condor C-100 Carbon Block Water Filter

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 The Condor drinking water filter takes the efficient and reliable filter technology found in the Breakthrough and dresses it up. It uses the same carbon blocks used in the Breakthrough and then takes it to another level with a glossy black housing wrapped in stainless steel, perfect for the high end kitchen without the high end price. For those who want just a little bit more, the Condor brings that touch of class.

The C-100 uses a 5 micron carbon block filter. They are great for chlorine and sediment reduction. In addition they will reduce a number of organic contaminants. Recommended replacement of the cartridge is at 1,000 gallons, this breaks down to about 3 gallons a day for one year. Heavy sediment could reduce the filters life.

Replacements are American made. Go here to purchase.

Technical Specs

- 5 micron carbon filter block
- Chlorine and sediment reduction
- Reduce Organic contaminants
- 1,000 gallon filter life

Additional Info

Rainshow’r® Mfg. introduces the Condor Lifestyle filter series. These filters have been designed to give you the best options on the most economical basis. The filters are assembled by Rainshow’r in their plant. The components they use in their filters are all American made and Prop 65 compliant.