Bulk Granular Activated Carbon 20x50 mesh (by the lb.)

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1 lb Granular Activated Carbon 20x50 mesh

Sold by the lb. 

For improved odor, taste and to remove chlorine and pesticides.

Sorry, we do not ship this product internationally. US shipments only.

NSF certified!

Produced from coconut shell charcoal by a high temperature activation process under stringent quality control. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, high pore volume and chemical stability. This product meets or exceeds ASTM Protocols.

For Chloramine removal please see our GAC for Chloramine.

For Fluoride, Bromine and Heavy Metals reduction please see our Bone Char GAC.

Technical Specs

US Standard Sieve
Mesh Size:


Greater than 20 5% maximum
Less than 50 4% maximum
Iodine Number (mg/g) 1100 minimum
Carbon Tetrachloride Number 60% minimum
Hardness number 97 minimum
Moisture 5% maximum as packed
Apparent Density (g/cc) 0.49 typical
Total Ash 4% maximum
pH 8.5 - 9 typical

All test methods are per ASTM protocol for granular activated charcoal.

This information has been gathered from standard reference materials and/or test data from the manufacturer that is assumed to be accurate and reliable.

Lab Results

Based on 1 bone char and 1 GAC filter.

Fluoride Removal

Chlorine Removal