Additional Info for Cuzn WHCC7-35-DTF Wide Spectrum + Pro Upgrade Whole House Water Filter
Model#WHCC7-35-DTF Filtration Process?

The vast majority of Whole House Systems available today utilize carbon only, a great filter media for common volatile organic contaminants but it does not address the increasingly complex variety of inorganic & organic contaminants that are turning up in water supplies worldwide. 

CuZn’s Wide Spectrum + Pro Upgrade Models target a wider variety of potential contaminants by utilizing a patented combination of proprietary filtration media. Learn more details about CuZn’s advanced whole house filtration process below.

About CuZn’s WHCC7-35-DTF’s patented 5 stage filtration process:

The WHCC7-35-DTF process begins with a Micro Sediment Pre-Filter (model#FHCL-102) to remove any physical, undissolved particles out of the water (even though your water runs clear, you will be amazed by how much dirt & grime this filter captures).

The Main Tank systems utilizes our proprietary patented reticulated KDF-55 minerals (Copper-Zinc), high purity acid washed coconut shell carbon, zeolite (clinoptilolite), calcium based carbon (bone char) & Rx Filtration media, all of which have been tested to NSF standard 42 and 61.

The Reticulated KDF-55 Filtration Media Stage is a remarkable REDOX media (oxidation/reduction), representing a new and unique natural process of electrochemical oxidation/reduction and adsorption action. KDF-55 targets the dissolved inorganic contaminants (up to 98% of soluble cation heavy metals including mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium, etc.).

Powerful KDF-55 redox media produces an ORP Shift of -300mV or more, creating bacteriostatic environment that prevents the growth of bacteria, mold & other microbial contaminants.

KDF-55 also prevents corrosion and eliminates scale by transforming hardness minerals into crystalline structures that do not adhere to plumbing & appliances (learn more in the What is Salt Free Softening? section below). 

SNRF Ion Exchange Coconut Shell Carbon is an adsorbent media that target the volatile organic compounds (chlorine, THMs, disinfection by products, herbicides, pesticides, etc). This carbon is supercharged with an internal modification for ion exchange properties for soluble lead adsorption (Ion Exchange Capacity is 130mg/g). The heavy metal reduction capability is redundant given that reticulated KDF-55 is also incorporated in to the system design, guaranteeing 99% removal of soluble lead (even at high flow rates).  Click here to learn: What organic contaminants does Activated Carbon Filter? 

The Calcium Based Carbon (BRIMAC), also known as Bone Char, has a unique porous matrix of ions created by heating a calcium based raw material (Bones) in an oxygen rich vessel at 1,472 °F. The result is a unique type of Calcium Based Activated Carbon with properties that a very different the more common Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. While coconut shell carbon is great for organic contaminants, it is not effective for inorganic contaminants. However, Calcium Based Carbon is selective for filtering inorganic contaminants.

Calcium Based Carbon it is used in filtration applications for the reduction of toxic heavy metals (cadmium, lead, iron, manganese, mercury, zinc, copper, nickel, aluminum, arsenic) and the reduction of radionuclides including radium & uranium (only recommended when radionuclides are present at levels below the EPA’s MCL). Bone Char is also widely used for the reduction of Fluoride. 

By nature fluoride is one of the more slowly adsorbed contaminants. High quality fluoride media & a large quantity of those medias is required. While 90+% removal of fluoride is not generally feasible for Whole House Water Filtration Application some reduction will occur but for those truly concerned about fluoride exposure, we strongly recommend the addition of an Under Counter Water Filter that is designed for Fluoride Removal. 

Exposure to fluoride is primarily a concern with ingestion. Fluoride is not readily adsorbed through the skin and does not vaporize when heated like chlorine & disinfection by products. Since that is the case, if Fluoride Filtration is the sole reason for selecting this upgraded system, we highly recommend you consider installing CuZn’s Wide Spectrum Model Whole House System & a Kitchen Water Filter. Going this route is more economical & offers the best value for your fluoride concerns. 

Zeolite Filtration Media – is a fascinating material with both adsorbent & ion exchange properties. The most prominent application for Zeolite is ammonia removal. Zeolite compliments activated carbon’s adsorption of volatile organic compounds, as Zeolite tends to offer greater efficacy with the removal certain organics that activated carbon is less efficient adsorbing. It also has shown promise for the removal of various radionuclides with its unique ion exchange properties. 

Rx Filtration Media  is a mesoporous organosilica media that possesses a flexible and hydrophobic pore structure. Rx media is able to remove nearly all forms of pharmecutical contamination found in potable water supplies (testing shows 99% removal of antidepressants, antibiotics, birth controls & 75% removal anti-inflammatories, antihistamines). Rx media can also be used for the extraction of organic species, including hydrocarbons, all forms of oil, chlorinated solvents, esters & glycols. 

What is Salt-Free Water Softening?

Salt Free Water Softening & Scale prevention! Unlike traditional salt based water softeners, CuZn Salt Free Systems won’t make your water feel slimy, have hair flattening effects, strip beneficial minerals or add salt to your water. If you have 8 grains of hardness or more, an additional system for High Hardness levels should be purchased for use in tandem with the WHCC7-35-DTF Whole House Water Filtration System, The WHCC7-35H High Hardness System (add on system for high hardness above 8 grains).

Our technologically advanced salt free Anti-Scale Medias are an innovative solution that prevents all of the negative effects of calcium and magnesium, while allowing the positive health benefits to remain by not removing the calcium and magnesium. Within a water system, calcium and magnesium can adhere to plumbing and water appliances by forming crystalline scale structures. Untreated, these minerals become hard, interfere with heat transfer and eventually cause loss of water flow and pressure. Untreated hardness can increase your home’s energy bill up to 20%!

KDF reshapes these hardness ions so they cannot adhere to each other or to the inside of plumbing. Instead the calcium and magnesium ions remain soluble in the water, thus preventing scale while adding life to the water.

Scale Transformation

*In some cases harsh detergents, high in chlorine/bleach or phosphates can cause mineral like deposits to form on dishes. To avoid this issue use Jet Dry or similar product, reduce the amount of harsh detergent used or best of all – Use an Eco Friendly brand

How do I know when to order a replacement filter?:

Replace the WHCC7-35-DTF Filters every 300,000 gallons or 5 years, whichever comes first

Check your water bill to calculate how much water your home uses every year

  • FOR EXAMPLE: If use around 5,000 gallons a month, multiply (5,000) times (12) and you’ll find that your using roughly 60,000 gallons a year.

How Select the Correct Whole House Water Filtration System:

STEP 1: All the products on our website that are designated “Wide Spectrum” are designed for use with water that has been treated with chlorine. All products on our website listed as “Chloramine Wide Spectrum” are designed for use with water that has been treated with Chloramine. Determining if your water is treated with chlorine or chloramine is the first step.

STEP 2: Determine if your water is considered to have “High Total Hardness” (above 8 grains of Total Hardness or 137ppm of Total Hardness). Our Wide Spectrum & Chloramine Wide Spectrum Model Whole House Filters are capable of conditioning hardness up to 8 grains. If your water contains “High Hardness” we recommend adding a Salt Free Water Softening for High Hardness tank to your system.

Left unconditioned, high hardness can cause damage by building up scale in the plumbing & appliances throughout your home. Our revolutionary Salt-Free Softening Technology conditions hardness minerals to prevent scale while allowing the beneficial hardness minerals to remain in the water.