Rainshow'r Replacement Filters

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Rainshower Garden Stream (CP-GATOR)  Dechlorinator Replacement Filter

Rainshower Garden Stream (CP-GATOR) Dechlorinator Replacement Filter

$87.00 USD$82.00 USD
Garden Stream replacement filter by Rainshower CP-Gator is now Garden Stream! For use with the CONSTANT PRESSURE GATOR (CP Gator) The Healthy Garden Alternative The Gator was developed as a...
Rainshow'r The Crystal Ball Dechlorinator Replacement Bag

Rainshower Relax Bath Ball Dechlorinating Replacement Bag

$34.00 USD
1 replacement pouch for Relax Dechlorinating ball. For a Healthier, More Enjoyable Bath: The Rainshowerr Way. Dechlorinate your bath water with Relax by placing it into the tub and pulling...
Rainshow'r RCCQ-A replacement filter for CQ-1000

Rainshower replacement Filter for Restore Shower Filter

$32.00 USD
Replacement filter for the CQ-1000 (Restore) shower filter. You deserve healthier water in every aspect of your daily life, not just the drinking water. Our Rainshower Restore dechlorinating shower filter...