Highwater Filters

Double Counter-Top Chrome Housing with 1 Bone Char/Fluoride and 1 10 Stage Premium Plus Filter

Double under counter filter housing with 1 Bone Char and 1 Premium 10 stage Premium Plus filter*. Easy to install! 

For removal and reduction of fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, bacterial and chemical contaminants.

*Photo does not show 10 stage filter.

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Housing made in U.S.A.

BONE CHAR 2060-BC is a natural carbon media produced from aged bones. It’s surface area and base material lends itself to the adsorption of a range of metals including mercury, lead, aluminum, manganese, silver as well as non-metals such as flouride and bromine. Bone char is different from activated carbon in that it contains both carbon surface area and hydroxyapatite lattice surface area. Kosher/ ANSI 61 Certified.

    Additional Info
    • Chlorine and Chloramines
    • Herbicides and Pesticides
    • Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor)
    • Trihalomethanes (cancer-causing organic/chlorine compounds)
    • Microorganisms such as cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium, protozoa, etc.
    • Heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.
    •  Organic Arsenic
    • PCBs
    • Asbestos
    • And dozens of other contaminants!
    Installation Instructions

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