Rainshow'r Breakthrough BT-100 Carbon Block Water Filter

The BT-100 uses a 5 micron carbon block filter. They are great for chlorine and sediment reduction. In addition they will reduce a number of organic contaminants. Recommended replacement of the cartridge is at 1,000 gallons, this breaks down to about 3 gallons a day for one year. Heavy sediment could reduce the filters life.

The Breakthrough and all its components are U.S. made by American craftsmen. After 25 years Rainshow’r® continues to bet on America.

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Technical Specs

- 5 micron carbon filter block
- Chlorine and sediment reduction
- Reduce Organic contaminants
- 1,000 gallon filter life

Additional Info
Rainshow’r,® an innovator and inventor of the best quality water dechlorinators and filters, went to its long-time suppliers and asked for their expertise in developing the Breakthrough carbon block water filter.

Rainshow’r® combined its design talents with internationally recognized technology from Carbon Block Technology, Inc. and then added to the mix QMP’s worldwide reputation for engineering, molding and metal work. These three recognized water industry companies have used their combined 75 years of experience to introduce the Breakthrough, a revolutionary new water filter from the Cameo Green line of Rainshow’r® products. While Rainshow’r® did not create a new concept in water filters what it did was to bring to the market a technology which was already known, but the Breakthrough is more efficient, gets better results, and at a lower price. Simply put, the Breakthrough does it better.